About zipetc.com
zipetc.com is a small simple website for your ZIP code.  With zipetc.com, you can quickly check if there are any alerts, announcements, events, or deals within your zip codes.

zipetc.com is an empty website, it becomes whatever the local businesses and organizations posts to it; they can post fun selfies showing their company, products, services, or greetings.
zipetc.com can serve local businesses and organizations by allowing them to advertise (selfie) any time of the day based on condition to drive business and make them available to smartphones in the neighborhood.
posting to zipetc.com is as Easy as sending an Email. Go ahead, Try it !
Easy Management
zipetc.com messages are deleted after just 2 hours, so you can use different messages to target customers at different times of the day, or during certain events.
quick, temporary messages can create a sense of excitement and urgency for purchase (Fear Of Missing Out).